Wellness Baskets

Women LISTEN offers compassionate giving and practical support by providing Wellness Baskets for women newly diagnosed with cancer. These baskets contain gift-wrapped items with hand written inspirational messages. The gifts are selected to promote healthy habits, physical comfort and emotional support during treatment. Examples of items include: small very soft stuffed animal, water bottle, lip balm, lotion, fuzzy socks and a handmade pillow case. Women may want to open the gifts all at once or one-at-a-time as special treats following treatment or on down days. There are twelve gifts in each reusable bag.

Wellness Baskets

Basket Items

Reusable Shopping Bag
Teddy Bear
Water Bottle
Music CD
Hand or Body Cream
Picture Frame or small album
Gum and Lip Gloss
Bath Scrubber and Soap
Playing Cards

These twelve items are usually in a basket, but substitute items may include:

Blank Writing Cards
Mug with tea
Pillow Case
Moisturizing Gloves
Small jewelry box
Fingernail Polish/Emery Board
Microwave neck warmers

Wellness Basket Gifts


For more information, to donate, or to help with the Wellness Baskets, please email us womenlisten@gmail.com.

Making Wellness Baskets


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